A Bluffton man and former Hilton Head Island teacher plans to withdraw his bid for South Carolina’s 1st District congressional seat and will instead run for Beaufort County Council District 7 in 2020.

Logan Cunningham, 26, is a former fifth-grade teacher at Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts. He said he will endorse Beaufort County Councilman Mike Covert in his 2020 race for Congress. Covert will endorse Cunningham as his successor.

Covert, who represents Council District 7, said he plans to complete his term, which ends in December 2020. The filing date for county and congressional candidates opens March 16 and closes March 30.

“I have had time to reflect and at this juncture of my political career, I can have an immediate and greater impact in the community I live in now versus the entire District,” Cunningham said in a prepared statement.

Cunningham (no relation to Rep. Joe Cunningham, the Democrat representing the 1st Congressional District) said his knowledge of Beaufort County and its issues makes him a better fit for council than Congress. These issues include uncontrolled growth, education reform, financial transparency and workforce shortages.

Before dropping out and saying he planned to run for county council, Cunningham’s campaign for Congress was largely centered on his admiration for President Donald Trump and far-right rhetoric. His political twitter feed, @Mr_MAGA1776, is filled with comments about Trump, immigration, the border wall and Colin Kaepernick. On his website, Cunningham describes himself as an “educator” first and a “Trump activist” second.

Cunningham said his polarizing opinions on social media — especially regarding immigration — were questioned by administrators at his former school, but said his views never affected his teaching.

Covert said he will work with Cunningham during the remainder of his term on council. Thus, if Cunningham were to win Covert’s seat, “the learning curve is as minimal as possible.”

Four seats on council, including Covert’s, will be up for grabs in the 2020 election, with the terms of Councilmen Gerald Dawson, York Glover and Brian Flewelling expiring in December 2020. The general election will be held on Nov. 3, 2020.

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